Udawalawe , Sri Lanka
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jan 23, 2013

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Make an informed decision on which Nil Diya Mankada Safari is best for you. Browse the detailed Nil Diya Mankada safari information . Create a unique Nil Diya Mankada safari tailored to you and your friends.


The Sri Lankan Elephant (Elephas maximus maximus), originally from India, is the nominate subspecies of the Asian Elephant and is the largest of the subspecies although smaller than the two species of African elephants. You will reached to Sri Lankan elephant with our service.


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Our team of experienced 'safari consultants' would love to work with you to plan and book a life-changing experience for the first time or returning traveler! Facebook page you can read up on various topics and postings! Traveling on a safari can be the most enjoyable and rewarding environmental contribution you will ever make, as together, our support conserves Sri Lanka wildlife and habitats and the growth of sustainable tourism.

Special Events

Elephant Orphanage

A gift that not only helps save a life but also bequeaths to the recipient an endearing icon that will be both educational and appealing.  This is a living gift of a wonderful animal, the largest mammal on earth, and a gift that enables someone to become a part of the life of the elephant of your choice.

Udawalawe Tank

Udawalawe Tank (Udawalawe Tank) is a reservoir(s) (class H - Hydrographic) in (Uva), Sri Lanka (Asia) with the region font code of Asia/Pacific.