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National Park Udawalawe
safari udawalawe - Room Service in Udawalwe Hotel The park is situated just south of the Central Highlands, of which escarpment brings about an enrapturing backdrop. At the center of the park lies the Udawalawe Reservoir. Udawalawe National Park established in the year 1972, with the objective of protecting the catchment area of Udawalawe reservoir,which provides water for agriculture and hydro-power generation spreads over an area 30,821, resembles an African game park: it is mainly thorny-shrub jungle with grasslands.

While the remnants of the Teak plantations that were planted at the time of the construction of the Udawalawe Reservoir is scattered around, Kumbuk and the endemic Mandorang trees abound in the riverine areas.
Safari Udawalawe
safari udawalawe - Room Service in Udawalwe Hotel Our Safari camp is located inside the Udawalawe National Park providing you a definite advantage of more safari time and greater chances of viewing the wildlife.

A open-top safari jeep is the only way to see all the wonders that this protected reserve has to offer and our experienced and knowledgeable nature guides will make this an unforgettable experience
Elephant Transit Home Udawalawe
safari udawalawe - Room Service in Udawalwe Hotel The Udawalawe Elephant Transfer Home is a facility within Udawalawe National Park in Sri Lanka that was established in 1995 by the Sri Lanka Department of Wildlife Conservation
Seeing baby elephants is something you have always wanted to do and it really didn't disappoint. They bring the elephants out a few at a time so that they can take it in turns to be hand fed. After that they have been fed they play together and snack in a pen close to the viewing platform.

You can tell that they put the welfare of the elephants first so it isn't just a way of making money through tourism. There are prescribed feeding times throughout the day (9AM, 12 Noon and 3PM) so it is pretty empty during the rest of the day
Dam/Tank Udawalawe
safari udawalawe - Room Service in Udawalwe Hotel The Udawalawe Dam is a large irrigation dam in Udawalawe, in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. The dam consists of an embankment section and a gravity section, combining the total dam length to approximately 3.9 km.

The recreation center, which fixates on the 308.2-sq-km Uda Walawe Reservoir, is gently vegetated

The places Guest can visit

  • Udawalawa Elephant Orphanage
    4 Km / 8 Minutes
  • Udawalwe national park
    7 Km / 10 Minutes
  • Sankapale Temple
    11.2 Km / 15 Minutes
  • Panamure Elephant Kraal
    27 Km / 35 Minutes
  • Ridiyagama Safari park
    40 Km / 45 Minutes
  • Madunagala Hot water Spring
    30 Km / 35 Minutes
  • Suriyawewe International Cricket Stadium
    35 Km / 40 Minutes
  • Maduwanwela Walauwe (Manor House)
    38 Km / 40 Minutes
  • Hambanthota International AirPort
    40 Km / 45 Minutes
  • Ridiyagama Safari Park
    40 Km / 45 Minutes
  • Katharagama
    70 Km / 1 hr - 10 Minutes
  • Sithulpawwa
    82 Km / 1 hr - 45 Minutes